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Organza bags
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Tie the knot supplies wedding bomboniere and sugared almonds.
Organza bags and a big variety of bomoniere almonds.

Bonboniere almonds engraved seals Oganza bags
Date saver magnets
Personal wine labels
Invitation seals
Date Magnets

Need some innovative ideas? Not entirely sure how to plan your wedding, perhaps? We've put together a comprehensive check list to make sure you've got all your bases covered. Plus, see our beauty section for some great ideas to be the beautiful bride you've envisioned since you were a young girl.

(Wedding Favours or "bonboniere" is spelled bomboniere in Italian, bonbonniere in French or boubouniere in Greek)

Origins of the words "Tie the Knot"

The expression is documented as far back as 1717. "The Encyclopedia of Superstitions" by E. and M.A. Radford, edited and revised by Christina Hole (Barnes and Noble Books, New York, 1961). says : "In the seventeenth century, one or two of the bride-favours were always blue. These were knots of coloured ribbons loosely stitched on to the wedding gown, which were plucked off by the guests at the wedding feast, and worn as luck-bringers in the young men's hats."

During some ethnic wedding ceremonies the priest performing the wedding would bind the bride and grooms hands with rope during the ceremony. In modern day, this has been replaced with a sash.

Another common theory about the meaning of the phrase is that bed frames used to be sprung with rope. To make a marriage bed you needed to 'tie the knot'.

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