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Pronounced bon'bon-yâr (as in care)- europeans like to say bohn bohn yaire (pronouncing the finale "e")

Bonboniere in organza bag

Candy almondsThe concept behind Bonboniere, originated in France, around 300 years ago, when a small box of sweets (the french word - bonbons) was given away to guests on happy occasions. Over time the idea spread to other parts of Europe, and in particular to Italy and Greece. Bomboniere (the Italian spelling) consisted of an uneven number (typically 5) of sugar-coated almonds, representing the bittersweet life of a married couple. The five almonds have significant meaning - wishing the new husband & wife: happiness, health, wealth, children & a long life. In Greece they are known as "Koufeta" (the Greek word for wedding favours) The giving of the bonbonničre is also traditional for christenings, baptisms, communions, confirmations, and graduations.

Big range of Australian-made wedding almonds - Buy Here

Imported gold foil almondsSugar-coated almonds are made in Australia by a family of second generation Italian confectioners. The best of both worlds: a traditional family recipe, made to the highest Australian health standards. They are made with premium Australian almonds and Australian sugar. There is no need to worry about buying the almonds too soon, or them going stale. These candy almonds have a 2 year shelf-life! Our white bomboniere almonds are approxiamately 24mm long and five will fit comforatbly in our mini organza bags. With over sugar coated almonds300 almonds per 1 kilo bag, you should be able to make wedding favours for 60 guests. The coloured candy almonds, shown top left, are very popular for christenings. These dry roasted almonds are covered in thin sugar coating. Each piece measures about 30mm long, 11mm thick and 22mm wide. There are approxiamately 240 pieces in a 1 kilo bag. For a special treat try our sugar-coated liqueur almonds, these are very tasty!

Include this explanation in your bomboniere, so your guests know what its all about. The "tract" size is designed to fit comfortably in our mini organza bags along with 5 almonds.

There is also a big range of imported Italian almonds

Cioamour imported from ItalyGold-dipped, silver-dipped, gold-foil almonds, chocolate hearts in white, blue, pink, red, silver, gold & mixed, and cake-decorating coloured cashous, all direct from Italy. Mini edible table scatters in heart shapes. Cioamour imported choc-covered almonds in white or dark chocolate, and in flavours such as tiramisu, champagne, caramel, yogurt, caprese, profiterole, coconut, ricotta & pear, zuppa inglese. See the range of Italian Bonboniere here

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